Make An Appointment

To start, enter your company name in the company box. As you start typing, the company name will be available to choose from. Make sure you click on your company name once it pops up or it will not work. Once you choose your company you will be able to select the dates and times that we will be at your office. If we are not yet set up to come to your office, or you cannot locate your office, please call us at 480-331-6360, or email us at [email protected]

If you have any difficulties scheduling, please call to schedule over the phone at 480-331-6360 or email [email protected]

To make an appointment at our local office in Chandler, AZ, please enter "Sight On Site" in the Company field or call our office at 480-331-6360. Availability will vary.

After you schedule, you will be able to log into our patient portal to do your paperwork at