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Now you can offer an employee benefit that is no cost to your company and has a great deal of benefit and value for your team.

Traditional vision benefits are great, but the benefit of having Sight On Site come to your office is even greater. Some employers do not pay for traditional vision insurance and instead have us come once per quarter or twice per year.

Consider these statistics posted by Zenefits.com.

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Impact on the bottom line

A recent study conducted by the HCMS Group found that employers offering stand-alone vision benefits saved $5.8 billion over four years. These cost savings were due entirely to the preventative nature of vision work. The study found that by carrying out regular, non-invasive eye exams, optometrists identified early signs of chronic diseases that might otherwise have gone unnoticed. The bottom line is astonishing:

* 34 percent of new diabetes cases were first identified through a routine eye exam, saving $28,111 per 1,000 employees over four years.
* 39 percent of new high blood pressure cases were first identified through a routine eye exam, saving $34,617 per 1,000 employees over four years.
* 63 percent of new high cholesterol cases were identified through a routine eye exam, saving $33,728 per 1,000 employees over four years.

In total, the study found that for every dollar a company invests in vision benefits, it receives $1.45 through lower healthcare costs, improved productivity and lower turnover rates.

Your company will get this benefit for no investment cost outside of time to allow your team to see us. Traditionally when an employee goes to the Eye Doctor during the work day, they are gone an average of 4 hours, sometimes they take the whole day off. You’ll save this loss of production time when they never have to leave your building.

Here's the process:

1We connect
We want to talk to you and understand your company and how Sight On Site can be a good fit. We also want to gather information, such as how many employees you have and what type of vision benefits you currently offer.
2We set up time for a visit
We’d love to see where we are going to set up and get an understanding of how to give an amazing experience. We can visit your office or even video sharing will work. Whatever is best for you.
3We have you survey your staff
We want to make sure we have enough time to help as many interested employees as possible. We have created a quick survey for you to send to your team to get an idea of how many people are interested in getting an eye exam.
4We set up a personalized offering
We want to help your employees get a great price for their eye care needs. Based on your employees needs and vision coverage, we will work out a personalized offering to not only give your team convenience, but also a great price.
5We set up dates to visit
You know the best days for us to set up shop, so we will review our respective calendars and determine the best dates to have the event. Depending on the number of employees interested, we can come 1 day or several.
6We work together to create the right messaging for your team
We’ll help create communication for you to send to your employees that includes the links and other information your employees will need to schedule an appointment.
7We visit and create a memorable experience for you and your team
We can take it from here. We’ll set up shop and make a smooth and memorable experience for you and your team. We will get your employees seeing better in no time. We also love any feedback you and your team would like to give about what went well and what we could do better in the future. We are always looking for ways to improve.
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